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If you have injury problems or find your techniques not as effective as desired you should study the principles of Shao Chi Chuan carefully.

Although Shao Chi Chuan deploys principles that are entirely found in classical Tai Chi Chuan, the supreme martial art, there is good reason to practice this Shao Chi Chuan first. Tai Chi Chuan, and good Shao Lin Chuan, are both very difficult to master, requiring years of very dedicated training before any effective self defense capability is acquired, whereas Shao Chi Chuan can be very practical in weeks.

Childrens Class

Shao Chi Chuan is not a combat sport but a complete martial art with its traditional discipline and values, reiterating the motto of Loyalty and Honour. We aim to develop the student's understanding of the principles required to gradually pursue and master the ultra sophisticated art of Tai Chi Chuan, which is more often than not badly misunderstood and practiced.