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2018 Annual Kung Fu Camp

9th August 2018

Camp Information




2018 Annual Camp will be held at Dunedin's Kaikorai Valley College Gym (500 Kaikorai Valley Rd, Bradford, Dunedin).

The college is about 10 minutes drive from the centre of Dunedin (The Octagon).

There is plenty of accommodation options catering for of all costs in and around Dunedin including camping grounds, backpackers, and a range of hotels.

Please book your accommodation now as there is often other sporting events on in Dunedin during August.

Please fill out a seperate form for ALL individuals.

1) Activities will commence Friday the 24th August at 6:00pm and conclude Sunday the 26th August at 12 Noon

2) Camp fees are:
Regular Fee (Fees must be deposited by August 20th) - $200
Note: We reserve the right to deny any students camp applications for reasons such as lateness.

3) Applications must be submitted and paid for through direct deposit or cash to the Chans Martial Arts Ltd account by the due date or application is void.

4) Students of all grades over 10 years old are welcome, but students under 15 years must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

5) Please pack personal clothing, a jacket, toiletries, uniforms, safety gear, and Non-marking training shoes.

6) A light lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided on Saturday, as well as, morning tea on Sunday.

7) Dinner on Saturday night will be held at the Golden Harvest Restaurant 218 George Street, Dunedin. Cost is $22 per person, pay (IN CASH) at the restaurant. Please indicate in the form whether you require 1 or 2 seats.

8) Arrange your own accommodation and organise your own transportation to and from the accommodation.

9) Visitors to Dunedin - Please indicate below if you need transport to and/or from the airport.

10) Members who will have a car in Dunedin - Please indicate below if you can assist in transporting visitors to and/or from the airport.

Any issues, please contact WaiHoe Laoshi E: or camp commander Master Marcus Simons. E: Ph: 027 2424 346


------------------------------------PAYMENT INFORMATION------------------------------------


Please deposit the correct sum into the Chans Martial Arts Ltd account (03 0866 0381094 00) with the first letter of your given name and the rest of your surname as a reference.

Eg. John Smith would be (JSMITH), Nick McLean would be (NMCLEAN)

Cash payments to branch instructors or HQ is also accepted.

Regular Fee (Fees must be deposited by August 20th) - $200

Once you have deposited the money and we have checked that the payment has come through you will receive a confirmation email





------------------------------------Camp List------------------------------------

First Name Surname Rank Branch Dinner
Hamish Lawson Blue Belfast 1
James Lawson Second Degree Belfast 1
Alan Speck First Degree Blenheim 0
Peter Speck Red Blenheim 1
Julia Dryden First Degree Dunedin 2
Monika Mazurek-Finch Black Tip Dunedin 2
Eleanor O'Toole First Degree Dunedin 1
Marcus Simons Master Dunedin 1
Ruth Peszynski Double Black Tip Dunedin 1
Sharee Watts Green Dunedin 1
Gordon Burke-Robertson White Dunedin 1
James Guthrie Yellow Dunedin 1
Simon Kitchingman Purple Tip Dunedin 1
Euan Ironside Double Black Tip Dunedin 1
Kent Gallagher Brown Tip Greymouth 1
Brendon Russ Brown Tip Greymouth 1
Rex Scott Third Degree Greymouth 2
WaiHoe Chan Third Degree Headquarters 1
Grandmaster Chan Master Headquarters 1
Jeremy Elrick Double Black Tip Headquarters 1
Rob Wilson Third Degree Headquarters 1
Anton O'Brien Second Degree Headquarters 1
Brendan Paris Red Tip Headquarters 1
Isileili Paris Purple Tip Headquarters 1
Lois Bason Black Tip Headquarters 1
Lottie Harris Blue Headquarters 1
Olive Harris Yellow Headquarters 1
Dave Lane Second Degree Headquarters 1
Zane Thompson Brown Tip Headquarters 1
Lexi Clarkson Black Tip Headquarters 1
Tony Clarkson Third Degree Headquarters 1
Michelle Clarkson Second Degree Headquarters 1
Reuben Clarkson Red Headquarters 1
Sarah Jamieson First Degree Headquarters 1
Mike Barthelmeh First Degree Headquarters 0
Ryan Bucknell Double Black Tip Headquarters 1
Manu Francois Double Black Tip Headquarters 1
Scott Martin First Degree Headquarters 1
Gareth O'Connell Double Black Tip Headquarters 1
Bruce Lord Master Headquarters 1
Anna Melling Brown Tip Headquarters 1
Nicholas Morrison Third Degree Headquarters 1
Ben Francis Blue Tip Headquarters 1
Cody Hopkins Third Degree Hornby 0
Ken Maher First Degree Invercargil Central 1
Jason Stephens Red Invercargil Central 0
Jeremy Parkhill Second Degree Invercargil Central 1
Nathan Hodgetts Orange Invercargil Central 0
Barbara Kratzeisen First Degree Invercargil North 1
Will Schuck Blue Invercargil North 2
Tim Kennett First Degree Invercargil North 1
Brent Davidson Fourth Degree Invercargil North 1
Emma Burke Red Invercargil North 0
Steven Taylor First Degree Invercargil North 1
Tim Hill First Degree Invercargil North 0
Chaise Hill Blue Tip Invercargil North 0
Victoria Hayes First Degree Invercargil North 1
Ben Nimmo First Degree Kelburn 1
Carl Beuke Black Tip Kelburn 1
Mandy Simpson Purple Tip Kelburn 1
Philip Marshall Third Degree Kelburn 1
Alan Falloon Double Black Tip Kelburn 1
Tze Ying Chan First Degree Kelburn 1
Aaron Lavack Second Degree Kelburn 1
Nic Weaver First Degree Lincoln 0
Barry Thompson Fourth Degree Lincoln 1
Clive Horn Double Black Tip Lincoln 0
Tommy Ley Double Black Tip Lincoln 0
Clay Davies Double Black Tip Lincoln 1
Poppy Cuthbert Red Tip Lincoln 0
Paul Hooper Double Black Tip Lincoln 0
Bevan Wilkinson Second Degree Lower Hutt 1
Gavin Nauschutz First Degree Lower Hutt 1
Mike Spekreijse First Degree Lower Hutt 1
John O'Toole Third Degree Lower Hutt 1
Cora McCauley Double Black Tip Lower Hutt 1
Karen Phillips Double Black Tip Lower Hutt 1
Dave Clarke Fourth Degree Lower Hutt 1
Manuel Mendoza II Double Black Tip Lower Hutt 1
Matthew Nauschutz First Degree Lower Hutt 1
Richelle Curugan First Degree Lower Hutt 1
Keith Van Niekerk First Degree Lower Hutt 1
Tyler Van Niekerk Double Black Tip Lower Hutt 1
Tony Harmon First Degree Lower Hutt 1
John Titter Second Degree Lumsden 2
Corrin Vedder First Degree Nelson 1
Rowan Findley Second Degree Nelson 1
Bhavesh Govind Red Tip Newmarket 1
David McQueen Second Degree North Canterbury 1
Chris Rose Red North Canterbury 1
Jade Wilson Brown Tip North Canterbury 1
Michael Kinney Master North Shore 1
Nick Haslett Third Degree Papanui 0
Warren Wills First Degree Papanui 1
Craig Harrington First Degree Papanui 0
Steve Mann Purple Papanui 0
Kirsty Petersen First Degree Parklands 1
Kelvin Joyce Fourth Degree Parklands 1
Morgan Fitzgerald First Degree Parklands 1
Amanda Ellis First Degree Parklands 1
James Scott First Degree Parklands 0
Jack Fensom Double Black Tip Parklands 1
Nigel Stanton First Degree Spreydon 0
Brian Aitken Double Black Tip Spreydon 0
Helen Haigh Second Degree Sydney 1
Suyi Chan Second Degree Sydney 1
Linus Lim Second Degree Sydney 1
George Tsingos Brown Sydney 2
Tony Waiwiri First Degree Te Anau 1
Dominic Moran Third Degree Timaru 0
Michelle Hills Yellow Timaru 0
Theuns Verwoerd First Degree University of Canterbury 1
Andy Lane Fourth Degree University of Canterbury 1
Sam Spekreijse First Degree University of Canterbury 1
Roswyn Wiltshire Purple University of Canterbury 1
John Avei Second Degree West Melton 2
Alicia Harrison Second Degree Winton 1
George Pope Third Degree Winton 1
Portia Brown Green Winton 1
Perry Davis Green Tip Winton 0
Sage Davis Green Winton 0
Griffin Davis Green Winton 0