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KF Newsletter 2009-2

18th July 2009

Hello Everyone,

Tournament 2009 was a success. We had a great turnout and all competitors fought with honour and courage. It is encouraging to see so many younger people entering this year, and the skill level is very satisfactory.

Competitors in the children=92s division fought with great energy and drive. The determination on the faces said it all. It is great to see so many in this division, and all have a bright future ahead of them.

The Intermediate division was competed for with an excellent standard of skill and determination. The women's division was marked by one serious incident, but this was more related to previous condition than anything that happened in the bout. A full recovery is expected. It is a good reminder though to take extra care during tournament, ensure you have all the necessary pads and equipment, and strap any known weak points on your body. There is much that can be done to strengthen areas with additional work and exercise. So if you know you have areas to work on, now is a good time to start in preparation for next year's tournament!

The senior division displayed how grit and stamina of training can pay off in competition. Again, all competitors fought with honour and skill.

It is very encouraging to see the effort and training that has obviously gone into all competitors training. Those competing in all divisions put their heart and soul into their bouts, which is what it's all about.

The patterns competition displayed good form and dedication to our system. It was heartening to see the concentration and obvious work that has been going into our patterns, form and pattern are so very important in the early stages of training. It was good to see some real stability coming through in the pattern drills, as this is critical to moving forward.

Congratulations to all our competitors in all divisions, and special congratulations to our champions.

Tournament is a good opportunity for you all to put your training into

practice, and it's a great chance to meet with other members from across the country. It is good to see so many travel so far for our annual tournament and seminars, and there is much to gain from the experience.

Thank you to all who attended, competed, officiated or watched. Your support, commitment and loyalty are very much appreciated.

Pattern Champs:
  1st Enya Beynon Rangiora
  2nd Alexandra Clarkson HQ
  3rd Angel Beynon Rangiora
  1st Sophia Buckingham Blenheim
  2nd Frances Forgue Rangiora
  3rd= Richelle Curagan Kelburn
  3rd= Imogen Harrison Rangiora
  1st Grace Leckie Rangiora
  2nd Sophie Walker U of Cant.
  3rd Penelope Lake L. Hutt
  Black Belt:
  1st Mr Tama Aikman Papanui
  2nd Mr John O'Toole L. Hutt
  Black Belt Broadsword:
  1st Alan Logan HQ
  2nd Nick Morrison HQ
  3rd Nic Haslett HQ

Fighting Champs:
  Girls <27kg:
  1st Emily Caunce Lincoln
  2nd Taylor Lovell HQ
  Girls <45kg:
  1st Elsie Lovell HQ
  2nd Ruby O'Neill Papanui
  Boys <9.5yrs:
  1st Tyler Morgan Papanui
  2nd Zac Meyer Hoff- HQ
  3rd Mason Davis Spreydon
  Boys <11.5yrs:
  1st Alexander Cunce Lincoln
  2nd Jordan Perry Hornby
  3rd Roger Yan Spreydon
  Boys <14yrs:
  1st Scott Connelly Lincoln
  2nd Reed Perry Hornby
  3rd Cameron Barrett Hornby
  Boys <14.5yrs:
  1st Nic Weaver Lincoln
  2nd James Lawrie Lincoln
  Boys <17yrs Advanced:
  1st Alex Kendall HQ
  2nd Robert Wilson Lincoln
  3rd Ryan Guy Spreydon
  Women Intermediate:
  1st Eleanor O'Toole L.Hutt
  2nd Margaret Hill HQ
  Men Intermediate <65kg:
  1st Jacob Ben Dror L. Hutt
  2nd Adam Koslover Hornby
  3rd Mark Tolra HQ
  Men Intermediate <72kg:
  1st Kieran Aikman Papanui
  2nd Francis Forgues Rangiora
  3rd Phillip Perry Hornby
  Plate: Alan Falloon U of Cant.
  Men Intermediate <78kg:
  1st Matt Walker HQ
  2nd Colin Everson L. Hutt
  3rd David Beuke Nelson
  Men Intermediate <85kg:
  1st Jasim Adam Kelburn
  2nd Daegal Hodgson HQ
  3rd Liam Quartly Rangiora
  Men Intermediate >98kg:
  1st Robert Faalilo Hornby
  2nd Issac Hayes Hornby
  Women Advanced <65kg:
  1st Grace Leckie Rangiora
  2nd Ondine Travers HQ
  3rd Richelle Curygan Kelburn
  Women Advanced >80kg:
  1st Sophia Buckingham Blenheim
  2nd Shannon Rapson HQ
  Men Advanced <71kg:
  1st Victor McCarthy HQ
  2nd Anderson Kao Auckland
  3rd Lance Curtis Nelson
  Plate: Reuben Jane U of Cant.
  Men Advanced <84kg:
  1st Neil Isherwood Lincoln
  2nd Theuns Verwoerd U of Cant
  3rd William Parker U of Cant.
  Men Advanced >84kg:
  1st Brendan Sidwell Nelson
  2nd Gavin Nauschutz L. Hutt
  3rd Bevan Wilkinson Papanui
  Black Belt Light:
  1st Tama Aikman Papanui
  2nd Luke Murdoch Rangiora
  Black Belt Heavy:
  1st Nigel Friend HQ
  2nd Cameron Woods U of Cant.
  3rd George Pope L. Hutt
  Plate: Nic Morrison HQ

The Tai Chi Chuan seminar started with a brief introduction to the origins and philosophy of our system. We worked on the 6 & 5 Exercises and 42 Form with special references to Qi. We also worked on the spiralling directions and balancing of the 'deputy' hand positions. We just had enough time to just finish with the 6 Sounds for harmonising the body. It is not something one can easily understand and get quick results from. However, I do know it has helped many people who practise it regularly. I hope that those who are weak in their constitution or have health issues will find them beneficial.

As for the Kung Fu seminar, we went over the fundmental aims of speed and power in the execution of our techniques, and how they can be achieved. We reviewed the reasons why our fundamentals must be very good to attain these goals. This is even more necessary when the factor of internal energy is considered. It is apparent that most students are not ready for this depth of information and training but for those who are, they will know that this will take them to a totally new level.

Flow Drill 1 was introduced to everyone at the seminar even though it is only recommended for Red Sash and up in normal classes. It is an important drill to develop the correct use of combinations in an attack, besides being a lot of fun.

The Black Belts worked on Flow Drill 2, which is more challenging. However, it must be practised with honour and discipline otherwise it will degenerate into competition, which is not the purpose of the drill. Everyone should honour the handicap set for themselves, regarding speed and power, before starting with each new partner, and regardless of how one is faring during the drill. Also, try to remember that you are only deluding yourself if think you are winning a contest when your partner may be setting a very slow and soft handicap. In fact, to really push yourself to improve, you have to learn to succeed with less speed or power.

In comparison, Game 3.1 & Game 4 are the only drills where you can really compete with speed and range. Even so, you have to rate your opposition and set a handicap for yourself, if they are much smaller and less able. That way, you can once again, push yourself to be more economical and efficient, and thereby not risking injury to your training partner.

The Annual Camp will be in Wellington this year. Quite a large number of people have already booked their flights to Wellington. It will be another good opportunity to train solidly for two days and perhaps make some real progress. It is also a good time for meeting old friends and making new ones from other centres. Comparing notes and checking your ideas and techniques with a wide range of fellow students is invaluable too. It is also the main event where new material is introduced to, or the emphasis is placed, in our training programme.

As usual, the candidates for Black Belt this year will be approved after the camp, as potential candidates will be assessed at by senior instructors there.

Finally, from the assessment of everyone at gradings, seminars and tournament this year, I am glad to say that there is a significant improvement in form and performance overall. However, it is important that we secure the gains made and use the momentum to earn further improvements with more quality effort.

For the Black Belts, I hope to introduce some new drills to the senior curriculum in new year, to take them to higher levels.

See you at camp and may qi be with you.
    S C Chan