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KF Newsletter 2012-3

26th December 2012

Dear members,

First of all I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and New Year. May your holiday be a safe and relaxing one so that you will be recharged for the new year.

We are very happy to announce that all the candidates for Black Belt grading were successful in their grading and were promoted to the following ranks:






1st degree:
  Mr Colin Everson Kelburn
  Mrs Richelle Everson Kelburn
  Mr Mike Spekreijse Kelburn
  Mr Dean McNulty Greymouth
  Dr Linus Lim Sydney
  Ms Helen Haigh Sydney
  Mr Jordan Hopkins Hornby
  Ms Sophie Walker U of Canterbury
  Ms Sophia Buckingham   Blenheim
  Mr William Kingipotiki Invercargill
  Mr Bryce Coulter Spreydon
  Mr Warren Wills Papanui
  Mr Lance Buckett HQ

2nd degree:
  Mr George Pope U of Canterbury
  Mr Wai Hoe Chan HQ

3rd degree:
  Mr Kirk Maxwell North Shore
  Mr Craig Allen North Shore
  Mr Rex Scott Greymouth
  Mr Colin Helem Greymouth
  Mr Alan Logan HQ
  Dr Nick Haslett HQ
  Mr John O'Toole Lower Hutt

4th degree:
  Mr Brent Drake Burnham


Those who graded to 1st degree were pushed very hard as usual but their preparation and spirit carried them through. The instructors have to take credit for their contributions too.

The senior ranked candidates demonstrated a high level of our trademark side kick, balance and stress free principles at the grading. We believe the training ideas introduced in the last two years helped with the understanding the principle of using minimum effort to achieve the optimal outcome in all techniques.

With all ten senior ranked candidates having this ability, is a testament of their acceptance of our philoophy and success of our training direction. This standard should be maintained and improved upon in years to come.

Why is this so important? As we grow older, our body will suffer various muscular or joint pain and progressive loss of function due to wear and tear of the working parts.

Not only does this stress free method makes our body last much longer, it is also the most powerful and efficient way to execute techniques of self defence. If we constantly refine this method of training and use the best nutritional supplements to help our joints and body cells regeneration, we can alleviate the pain and discomfort, restore or retain our youthful function. This philosophy is important for the younger members too because the wear and tear of their bodies has already begun.

Fortunately, the signs are very good as most students have consistently shown better balance and natural movement at gradings this year.

Our instructors are very motivated and loyal and the future of our school and students look very promising indeed.

As for the holidays, please do not over indulge in alcohol and have days where you do not eat too much. Do take time to stretch regularly, go for a swim or jog/walk and practise your forms a little in your own time. All members are welcome to attend classes at HQ till their own branch reopens.

I look forward to a great year in 2013 for my personal training and teaching. My best wishes for good spirit and clear direction in your training.

May Chi be with you.
    SC Chan
    Chans Martial Arts