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8th September 2011
Dear members, For those who have not heard, we have yet another piece of bad news. Our beloved Professor Wally Jay suffered a stroke on Tuesday the 24th of May. The life support was turned off on Saturday the 28th May, as he had earlier instructed. He passed away peacefully on 2:20am Sunday the 29th May with family and friends around him. He was just two weeks short of his ninety fourth birthday. He will be sorely missed by his family, close friends, students and all those who were lucky to... more+
5th May 2011
Hello Everyone, Contrary to our expectation of a great start to the year we had the worst possible beginning to 2011. Most of you would have heard about the sudden and tragic death of one of our brightest and hardest working new black belts. Miss Penelope Lake had a headache and was taken to hospital that evening. However, her condition deteriorated rapidly and she died that night of meningitis, inspite of emergency treatment. It was real bad luck as she had been vaccinated against... more+
8th September 2010
Hello Everyone, The recent strong earthquake and after shocks in Christchurch have been foremost in everyone’s mind. Luckily our residence was not affected at all. HQ suffered only one broken mirror, where there was severe damage to just about all the older buildings in the neighbour-hood. As I was overseas during the first week and only monitored everything from news reports, e-mail and phone calls. I was told that the tournament team trained on the morning of the earthquake. All... more+
8th June 2010
Hello Everyone, The year has gone by really quickly with the Queens Birthday weekend behind us already. We had a very good start with very good attendances and many new enrollments. At the gradings around the country, the standard has been very good overall. It is a testament to the fine effort of the instructors and the improvements made to the syllabus and drills in the last twelve months. March was a big month for us. The Christchurch Chinese Lantern Festival always has been a great... more+
18th July 2009
Hello Everyone, Tournament 2009 was a success. We had a great turnout and all competitors fought with honour and courage. It is encouraging to see so many younger people entering this year, and the skill level is very satisfactory. Competitors in the children=92s division fought with great energy and drive. The determination on the faces said it all. It is great to see so many in this division, and all have a bright future ahead of them. The Intermediate division was competed for with... more+