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1st February 2009
Dear Students, Inspite of the world financial melt-down, 2008 ended on a real high note for us. The Black Belt Grading, Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner were very successful and happy events. This is a testament to the effort of all involved. The senior instructors and black belts are always committed to attend our major events even if they have to travel great distances. Also present were many old Black Belts that we had not seen for a long time. It is good to see them and it shows that... more+
18th September 2008
Dear Students, The Annual Camp at Rolleston was another very successful one with over 140 attending from as far a field as the USA, Invercargill and great support from Wellington and Auckland. The commander Mr Thompson and his divisional leaders Mr Kelvin Joyce, Ms Frances Schmechel, Mrs Kirsty O’Connell, Mr David Lane and many volunteer helpers did an excellent job looking after all the logistics. Another big thank you to you all. Camp will not work with out the dedication of... more+
19th July 2008
Dear Students,     We had yet another very good tournament. There we no injuries to speak of even with a high number of bouts. The standard had again improved on the whole, with students showing a greater variety of techniques, higher skill levels and better tactical applications.     The most outstanding team this year was the Wellingtonians who came in numbers and won many medals. We can be sure that future tournaments will have even more entries... more+
30th April 2008
Dear Students,     What a great start to the year! First of all, we had a great series of seminars by the Grand-Master of Small Circle Jujitsu Prof. Leon Jay in February. Although it was a tiring series for Prof. Jay after the long haul flights, his seminars were very dynamic with superb wrist & finger locking, pressure points knock-outs and energy techniques.     It was good to know that he was very impressed by our students, and our training... more+