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12th June 2016
Dear members, The tournament had a slightly smaller number of entries this year but it was very well run, judged and refereed. The students competed with courage and honour. They also showed composure, strategy and promise for better skill. We found that everyone at HQ enjoyed the tournament preparation in the two months leading up to the event. To have better participation and standard, future competitors will be restricted to those invited by their branch chief instructor (as in our... more+
8th June 2016
Hello All, The Annual Kung Fu camp in Auckland is fast approaching. We still have a few months to go, now is a good time to organise transport and accommodation etc.  This year's camp is going to be held at St Peter's School, on the corner of Khyber Pass Rd and Mountain Rd in Newmarket. Registration starts at 6pm on Friday 26th August, with the first training session starting at 7pm. Camp concludes at 12:pm on Sunday the 28th.  St Peter's is in a relatively... more+
28th April 2016
The Annual Queens Birthday Weekend Events in Rolleston and HQ are on soon! Please return the form with the fees to your instructor before the due date. Application Form more+
28th April 2016
Dear members,   This year the months have raced by with some drastic changes. Master Bruce Lord, Megan and Cameron tragically lost Michelle Lord their wife and mother. It is a shock to everyone who knew this wonderful person. We will continue to give our support to Master Lord and family for as long as they need.   On the positive side, Dr Dominic Moran has started the Timaru branch and Mr John Avei the West Melton branch. Mr Alan Speck has taken over as the Nelson branch... more+
16th December 2015
Dear members,   The annual events and 40th anniversary celebrations that we had prepared for and anxiously anticipated did not disappoint. The candidates performed valiantly with good skills at the grading. It was great to have the excellent support of the Black Belts, students, friends and families.    Of course there are still lessons to be learnt and we can be better in the future. We are happy to promote the following to:   1st degree: Mr Keith Van... more+