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Welcome to Chans Martial Arts. Our organisation is one of the largest and most reputable in New Zealand and has a strong network of centres throughout the country with links with many top masters world-wide.

Chans Martial Arts was founded in 1975 by Sifu S C Chan and has become quite an institution over the last forty years. Our system of Shao Chi Chuan, (the Small Ultimate System) or commonly known as "The Stressfree Way" is relatively easy to learn and use because of the unique syllabus. We begin with a less demanding but more practical syllabus, leading to a graduated scale of physical and mental intensification.

It deploys biomechanically sound self defence techniques and psychologically positive teaching methods. This results in the elimination of excessive physical and mental stress which is omnipresent in many conventional martial arts.

Sydenham HQ 2011

Most of the drills are designed for effective combat as well as to 'switch on' the body and enhance neuromuscular activity with repetition. It can improve the students co-ordination, concentration, temperament, health and work productivity. It is important to note that not all physical activities achieve these goals, some physical activities 'switch off' the body and retard brain function.

Its hallmark is its dynamic but flowing and relaxed movements that enhance the body function rather than over-stress it. Shao Chi Chuan deploys natural long and short range combat techniques, holds and throws, internal energy development and application to co-ordinated pressure points. All these are based on time tested classical principles. It can be described as a modern interface between the very hard Shao Lin Chuan and the very soft Tai Chi Chuan which is the only curriculum for our advanced student.

Black Belt Grading 2013

Finally, we have a friendly and relaxed environment for training and there are often interesting social activities organised.