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8th January 2019
  Chans Martial Arts     Professor Leon Jay New Zealand Seminars 2019!       -Enrolment Form-     The Professor Leon Jay seminars (Small Circle Jujitsu) will be hosted by Grandmaster Chan and Chans Martial Arts in four NZ locations: Auckland: Saturday 2nd March (1pm - 4pm) Richmond Road Primary School (113 Richmond Road, Ponsonby) Wellington : Sunday 3rd March (2:30pm - 5pm) Maungaraki Community Hall... more+
3rd December 2018
Chans Martial Arts News CMA 18-05 3rd Dec 2018   Black Belt Grading The grading was one of the biggest we have had in recent years. The candidates were well conditioned and showed a lot of tenacity and spirit. There was a good demonstration of skill and power by Mr Dave Lane. Overall it tested the candidates strengths and weaknesses to show where their focus should be in their training.  There was great support from Black Belts, rank and file students, friends and... more+
16th September 2018
Chans Martial Arts News CMA 18- 04 14th Sept 2018   Sydney Camp Sydney Camp was a resounding success with the biggest number of participants ever. A big contingent from Wellington and Christchurch with a few new comers who vowed to attend every year from now on. Mr Craig Moylan who actually started the Sydney branch many years ago made a big trip from Tamworth to attend. Mr Anton Stevens also flew in from Melbourne. We talked about mental preparation, sustained focus,... more+
9th August 2018
Camp Information   ENROLMENT FORM   2018 Annual Camp will be held at Dunedin's Kaikorai Valley College Gym (500 Kaikorai Valley Rd, Bradford, Dunedin). The college is about 10 minutes drive from the centre of Dunedin (The Octagon). There is plenty of accommodation options catering for of all costs in and around Dunedin including camping grounds, backpackers, and a range of hotels. Please book your accommodation now as there is often other sporting events on in... more+
11th June 2018
Chans Martial Arts News CMA 18- 03 8th June 2018   Annual Seminars The Tai Chi Chuan seminar was attended by about seventy students and instructors. It was basically a summary of Professor Yek’s seminar in Auckland a few weeks ago touching on mental preparation & sustained focus, relaxing the heart, spirit, Yi, body, limbs, muscles & joints, back alignment, stretching, Ren & Du channels, the 5 bows & Jing. We took time to clarify the confusion over... more+